Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Over the past few weeks, I've been doing another shoe-related experiment. It involves approaching people in public spaces and explaining that I've been wondering what it's like to be in other people's shoes. If they don't walk right by, I ask them if they'd be willing to exchange shoes and walk together for a minute or so.
Some people decline, some agree to trying it out, and some like to talk about it for a while and mull it over before deciding.
So far it's taken the form of two videos, and most recently some stills, which may or may not make it into postcard form.
I especially like the moment when we swap shoes and negotiate stocking feet on snowy concrete.
I will try to find a way to post the videos (they are substantial files), but for now, here are the stills, with special thanks to Christina, who took the photographs.


JujuBoo said...

You have a very neat blog and experiment going on! It looks like it is cold where you are right now, so perhaps in the summer I will ship you a pair of my flip flops. Seem I live where is it always warm all I own are flip flops.

aislinn thomas said...

That would be swell!

T-rex said...

Wow, I just found out about your project during a volunteer art project that I'm in. I find it such an amazing project and it's just very inspirational. I do hope you get to continue this project for quite a while :)

aislinn thomas said...

I'm really glad you like the project! I do hope to continue with it for some time--unfortunately this past while has been unexpectedly hectic. I hope to be putting myself in other peoples shoes again very, very soon!
I hope you enjoy your volunteer project!

Bonnie said...

Amazing experiment !! I listen about information exchange, but I never seen or listen about shoes exchange.