Tuesday, January 1, 2008

so long, farewell...


Diana said...

hey aislinn,

i'm really digging your blog. i've been reading it a lot at working during my down time between projects. i read the entire thing last week... ha!

can't wait for the next entry.

aislinn thomas said...

Hi Diana!
I'm glad you like it...and even more glad to think that it might be helping folks get through their work day :)

Rodrigo said...

Your project caught my attention. I was searching for Blundstones to be shipped to Brazil on the net and I just reached thru your blog. Your ideas are inspiring. I really appreciated that. I am about to immigrate to Qu├ębec, so perharps I could send you one of my worn Caterpillar boots. I am a civil engineer. But I try to be a musician and a painter as well. I work with both sides of my brain, but sometimes it makes me feel not on my own shoes weather on a construction meeting whether on a art gallery. Some people say that it is because my zodiac sign is Gemini…
Best regards.

aislinn thomas said...

Hi Rodrigo,

Blundstones are great. Maybe you can wait until you get to Quebec to buy some...they might be easier to find there. I know that in Toronto there is an entire (small) store dedicated to Blundstones. I am almost ready to go back there for a new pair, because mine are just about worn through.
If you'd like to send me your Caterpiller boots, let me know (you can email me at adayinyourshoesATgmailDOTcom). I'd be happy to wear them.
Sometimes being in ones own shoes is the hardest of all, I find.
Good luck with it all.


rodrigo said...

hey aislinn...
thank you for your answer. i bought a pair of blunnies from a austalian website. they seem to be very good: tough and lightweight.
anyway, your texts and pictures bring me good feeling about moving to canada.
btw, you are gorgeous!
kind regrds.