Friday, May 9, 2008

i *heart* sackville

The thing about Sackville is the fact of the horizon.
This may not seem like a big deal, but having grown up in Southern Ontario, it was shocking at first. When I first moved to Sackville, it took me a bit of time to figure out why it was suddenly so hard to breathe. But now I can't get enough of it, the feeling of so much space.

There are other things, of course, like the buildings that are allowed to crumble, and streets that end suddenly and without reason. There is the way that the marsh threatens front stoops, the screeching pheasants, a tidal river, and houses that seem to have been dropped from the sky.

It felt great to be there again.

Traipsing through the marsh, I came to one of my favourite parts--the TransCanada trail goes right through the marsh, and crosses the TransCanada highway. You can just walk across, which is what I did. The first time I did that, my classmates had to talk me into it (I come from an extremely risk-adverse family, and the idea of crossing the highway on foot was one that I had never before considered). I ran as fast as I could, despite the fact that there were no cars in sight and the land is flat. There are now yellow signs with bicycle symbols beside the highway, warning drivers of the crossing. I remember when my mom visited me in Sackville eight years ago that she just about had a fit that there was a level rail crossing on the highway, let alone a bike crossing. I think it is quite civilized.

I mostly walked in Sackville. I wanted to see everything that I remembered (which was a's amazing how charged with memory a place can be). I ended up waking up at 6 am the morning after my 8 hour (or was it longer?) walk. Before I left I wanted to see the bridge for which Bridge Street was named, another favourite place of mine. It is now a bridge without a middle that used to cross the Tantramar river beside the railway. At that time of day there air was thick with mist rising off the marsh. The tide was low, and the river banks red, and I imagined I could see the ocean in the distance.

It felt so great to walk and wander on my own.
And this time, breath came easily.


Marlo said...
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boombox. said...

When I stumbled upon your blog, I was pleasantly surprised. Your wording and way you describe things is nearly enchanting. (You have no idea who I am, which is somehow mysteriously thrilling.) But anyway, just thought I'd like to compliment you on the whole idea of this blog. It's quite wonderful.

aislinn thomas said...

I'm glad that you like it!

Jennifer Hicks said... in New Brunswick? that's where my grandparents are from? why/when were you there? I love that you risked crossing the transcanada....


aislinn thomas said...

Yeah, Sackville, NB. I should have been more specific! I lived there for eight months almost eight years ago. I was there in early May because I happen to love it :)
Have you ever visited Sackville?
Crossing the TransCanada in those parts isn't such a risky thing,'s more the idea of it, especially if you're used to the freeways in Ontario (which I am). Jenn, I need to come borrow your shoes soon--it's getting to be good sandal weather!