Sunday, May 18, 2008

washed up shoes and ocean feet

I walked the circumference of Brier Island, Nova Scotia. This is no great feat--it's pretty tiny--but it still took a number of hours. There was a good amount of debris that presumably had been washed up by the tide: shoes, freezers, lobster traps, plastic bins, etc.
I walked through a large and disgruntled seagull colony, wild raspberry cane, past two lighthouses and the coast guard, and several animal carcases that had been picked clean. My favourite part of the day was coming across a sand beach in a quiet cove. Bare feet on sand! I went swimming there, in the Bay of Fundy. The water couldn't have been warmer than 2 or 3 degrees Celsius, and I spent no more than 15 seconds in the water, but it was great! Definitely one way to feel extra alive.

Please humour me and allow me to share some photos of the colours, textures and things that caught my eye...

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